Jim Elder Good Sport Fund

Jim Elder touched all kinds of people every day, always in a positive way. He took great delight in helping others and even greater pride in their accomplishments. We know he would be cheering on these organizations and he would want you to know more about them and the great work they do every day.

Jim Elder Good Sport Fund 2021 Scholarship Winners

Everything is different this year. We had more scholarship applications than we've had in many years, and they were all worthy of consideration. We could only manage to narrow down to seven finalists, as opposed to our usual Final Four. For the first time, we did our interviews via Zoom, and every one of our finalists impressed us.

Given that we are in a time when making ends meet is even more difficult for students and their families, we have decided to give all seven of our finalists a $6000 scholarship to help them continue their education. The four of them who will be Juniors in Fall 2021 will receive the scholarship again for their Senior year.

We are extremely honored to help these fine students, and we know we will be proud of them for a long time. And we are certain that Jim Elder is cheering them on.