Clay Henry

Clay Henry, Hawgs Illustrated

Jim Elder was the nicest person on this planet. Of course, I’m biased. He gave me my first job. When I turned 16, he hired me to help him with the recreation broadcasts of the Traveler games. I’d call the press box in the visiting city when the Travs were on the road and get the play-by-play of the game and give it to Jim. He’d be about 20 minutes behind and would do the broadcast as if he was there at the game. It was wonderful fun and really exciting.

I can always remember seeing him at games after the start of Hawgs Illustrated. He’d have the latest copy of the magazine in his hand and greet me with the same line, “Clay, this one is better than the last, just great reading and wonderful stuff. Keep up the good work.” Or, he’d hand me a snap shot of me doing an interview with someone that he’d taken with his small camera. Or, he’d have a snapshot of my father, Orville Henry, doing an interview. He’d say, “Thought you might like to have this.”

Jim was nothing short of a state treasure, both professionally and as a person. He treated everyone like they were the king and never wanted anything for himself.

Of course, he was an avid golfer and enjoyed every game no matter the weather. Of course, he made it fun and you looked forward to playing even in cold, rainy or snowy conditions because you were going to be around a great friend, Jim Elder. If you were around Jim, there were no bad days.

Clay Henry
Publisher, Hawgs Illustrated

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